At Morisons Solicitors our expert team offers business advice in all commercial immigration matters. The service we provide is based on a thorough knowledge of immigration law and immigration procedures.

We can advise on sponsor licences and the Resident Labour Market Test and explain what documents you need to prove that your employees are allowed to work in United Kingdom. We can help you prepare for visits by United Kingdom Border Agency - which may visit you unannounced. We can also audit your business to ensure that your employment procedures and processes comply with United Kingdom Border Agency requirements. If you have received a fine, or are at risk of losing your sponsor licence, we may be able to help you challenge these decisions.

We know that you don’t want legal matters to take up more time than they need to, so our expert solicitors work thoroughly but efficiently to help achieve the best possible outcome for your business. With our free first advice and same day response promises, you can easily get answers to your immediate questions before planning your next steps. So if you need legal advice to support your business, call us on 0744 069 6254 today.