Suffering an injury can cause a wide range of problems, over and above coping with your pain and discomfort. Lost income, pressure from work, difficulty looking after your family and the time and expense of sorting everything out. If your injury was caused by someone else, you are entitled to seek compensation for both the injury and your financial losses. We're all bombarded with adverts from claims companies and insurers wanting to sell your claim to the highest bidder. The difference with us is that you can get the right legal advice from proper, local lawyers focused entirely on your best interests.

What do I get?

  • Free First Advice to help explore your options and find out if and how we can help.
  • All our injury claims services are provided by expert lawyers with an in-depth knowledge of personal injury law – rather than someone in a call-centre. Our lawyers are determined to fight for the full compensation that you are entitled to receive.
  • The convenience of a local service means that you will be able to meet your lawyer whenever you need to. With us you're treated you as a person not a file number.
  • We make sure your injury gets assessed by the right specialist medical expert – ensuring full compensation (that covers all the treatment you need and all future complications). All at no cost to you.
  • To get you back on your feet, we can arrange physiotherapy and other treatment without NHS waiting lists.
  • Lost wages, overtime and bonuses caused by your injury all included in your claim.
  • Same day response – meaning that you're not left waiting to find out what's happening with your case.

What will it cost?

  • Morisons Solicitors offer a genuine no win, no fee service and a promise of no hidden costs. If your genuine claim does not result in any compensation, we will not charge you anything for our services.
  • When you win compensation, the most you will pay will be 25% of the compensation you receive. Contact us for a more personalised quote based on your circumstances.

What next?

Call us now on 0744 069 6254 for a free case assessment or click get started to provide some basic details and we'll contact you.

Get started

Injury claims process

1Free first advice

Chat to one of our friendly, expert lawyers about the compensation you could receive using our genuine 'no win no fee' service.

2Claim notification

We work with you to put together the evidence needed and officially notify the insurers of the person or company who was to blame.

3Medical report

We arrange (at no cost to you) for you to have an independent medical examination by a court approved expert doctor.

4Settlement negotiations

As soon we have all the evidence, we present your full case to the insurers in a Settlement Pack. This enables negotiations.


If we can't agree, we will represent you in court and ask a judge to decide on who was to blame and how much compensation should be awarded.


At the end of a successful claim you will be awarded compensation for your injury and related losses.