If you’re not sure what you are entitled to or think you are being paid incorrectly we can help. Perhaps your benefits have been stopped or maybe your application for benefits has been turned down. Whatever situation you are facing, or if you just need advice about what benefits you are entitled to, our experienced solicitors are here for you.

When mistakes are made with your benefit payments it can make things difficult financially. That’s why our knowledgeable solicitors work quickly and efficiently to help you resolve issues and get back on track. We can help with appeals against benefit decisions and provide support throughout the appeals process or tribunal hearings. We also offer advice to people who have been accused of benefit fraud.

Receiving the correct benefits can have a big impact on the quality of your life. Our solicitors have helped many people in similar situations receive the benefits they are entitled to. So for further advice and to take advantage of our free first advice, call us today on 0744 069 6254.